Employee at our James Bell Ford technical center


Our main ingredients? Treating people right, helping our communities and taking care of the planet.

Putting the kind in humankind

Good food starts with good people. And we believe everyone — from our employees to customers to farmers — should be treated with respect.

People make the world go 'round

Over 100 brands in 100 countries. That’s a lot of places to share good in the world. We acknowledge the range of communities we serve, the challenges they face and all the ways we can be a force for good. 

And for you at home? It means knowing the food you’re enjoying with your family has been mindfully sourced and manufactured with heart, by employees treated with value and respect. So, our food doesn’t only taste good, but feels good, too. 

A few of the areas we’re taking action on:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Employee safety and well-being
  • Climate Change
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Water stewardship
  • Human rights
  • Alleviating hunger
  • Building strong communities